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Welcome to Corporate Alliance / Requesting Access for Loan
« on: July 14, 2016, 06:39:28 pm »
Name: Thomas Kolbe
Faction: SSI Ruuvi Technologies  (Just a Faction Sitter)
Account Type Desired: Tier 1 Loan
Loan Amount Requested:  14,000,000 creds
Collateral Offered: Palace
Link to CPM Account:
Where did you Learn about us?  Followed the link to CA from the Faction List page.  Looked around.

First of all, I'm not asking for this loan on behalf of my faction.

Second, here's a pitch on why to give me this loan.
1) Starting with 1.5M creds, in 2 months I've got 2 T1 stations, 2 palaces, and 16M creds in hand.  I know how to multiply money in this galaxy.
2) Though that sounded conceited, I'm actually easy to work with and friendly--which is part of the reason for #1.
3) I'm primarily taking this loan to allow me to expand my business quicker.  I don't *need* the money, but I can use it to make more money.  Simultaneusly, you can too.
4) My faction sitting gets me 7.5M per month.
5) Which is really #1:  You're going to make a bunch of money off of me and nonetheless get your 100% + 10% up-front back.  :)


PS--I was a bit confused what to put where on this Holosite.  Please DM me directly for further details or questions.

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